Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee

Louisiana's SIEC is composed of all appropriate first responder and support organizations. Operationally, the Subcommittee has full authority to design, construct, administer and maintain a statewide interoperable communications system with capacity to transport voice, data, and imagery in support of full response to any emergency event.

Representing Organization
(Appointee and/or Designee)
Asst. Deputy Director of Interoperability, or designee Neal Fudge
Commissioner of the Division of Administration, or designee Neal Underwood
Adjutant General of the Louisiana National Guard, or designee Stephen Cockerham
President of the Louisiana Sheriffs Association, or designee Ricky Edwards
President of the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police, or designee Bryan Zeringue
President of the Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association, or designee Robert Benoit
Chair of the Regional Parish Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Directors Committee, or designee Richard "Dick" Gremillion
Deputy Secretary of the Department of Public Safety and corrections, Public Safety Services, or designee Chris Eskew
Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs, or designee Pat Arnould
Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, or designee Bill Vincent
Louisiana Ambulance Alliance, or designee Robert Daughdril
Region 1 Jeb Tate
Region 2 Billie Giroir
Region 3 Conrad Baker 
Region 4 Stacey Blanchard
Region 5 Richard McGuire
Region 6 Sonya Wiley-Gremillion
Region 7 Doyle Dempsey 
Region 8 Bobby Moore
Region 9 Michael Moore 

Budget and Finance Subcommittee Chairman - Ricky Edwards, Louisiana Sheriffs Association
Christina Dayries, GOHSEP
Julio Peck, LSP Radio Communications
Neal Underwood, DOA/OTS
David Luker, East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office
Policy and Planning Subcommittee Chairman - Bill Vincent, APCO
Anthony Summers, West Baton Rouge 911/OHSEP
Bobby Moore, Region 8
Julio Peck, LSP Radio Communications
Travis Johnson, GOHSEP
Stacey Blanchard, Region 4
Mike Moore, Region 9 
Technical Subcommittee Chairman – Billie Giroir, West Feliciana Sheriffs Office
Chuck Cassard- Louisiana Sheriffs Association
Doyle Dempsey, Region 7
Lorn J Bourgeois, Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office
Bill Vincent - APCO
Conrad Baker, St. John Sheriffs Office
Julio Peck, LSP Radio Communications
Broadband Subcommittee Chairman - LTC Chris Eskew
Ricky Edwards, Louisiana Sheriffs Association
George Brown, New Orleans OHSEP
Clay Rives, City/Parish of East Baton Rouge
Neal Underwood, DOA/OTS 
Travis Johnson, GOHSEP
Robert Benoit - Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association