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Grants Overview

There are a host of grant opportunities for local communities, the State and individuals to better prepare for, prevent where possible, respond to, recover from and mitigate against natural and man-made disasters. Grant funding can be found within local, State and Federal governments; departments and agencies; the nonprofit sector including foundations; and other entities who have an interest in and support emergency management activities.


GOHSEP is a gateway to many Federal grant opportunities – applying for, subgranting to other entities in some cases and administering grants that come through a variety of Federal departments and agencies.


Grant Recipient Login

If you are a current recipient of a grant administered by GOHSEP and want to know your grant status, please login to the appropriate portal.
Pre-2022 Preparedness Grants should be accessed here.

Grants Index

Major grant funding sources are listed in the GRANTS INDEX sections of this website. Each GRANTS INDEX is organized by:


  • Grants administered by GOHSEP
  • Other high-profile grants that are not administered by GOHSEP but are significant contributors to preparedness, prevention, response, recovery and mitigation initiatives.

Grants are authorized under the following statutes:



To learn more, see the PROCUREMENT section of this website.

When procuring - purchasing or acquiring - goods and services using Federal funds, certain procurement rules MUST be followed.  Federal requirement are in addition to local and State requirements.


Getting the Language Right

Some terms are used interchangeably, sometimes leading to confusion. Here’s some terms to know:

Applicant – An Applicant is an entity applying for a grant or subgrant.

Recipient – Grants are typically awarded to States and Federally recognized Tribal authorities or Territories. The entity receiving the grant award is called the Recipient. You may also hear Recipients referred to as the Grantee. FEMA and 2 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) currently prefer the term Recipient.

Subgrants – The Recipient or Grantee sometimes awards subgrants to other entities, typically local governing authorities, State agencies or emergency management programs.

Subrecipient – Once a grant is awarded, the Applicant becomes a Subrecipient. You may hear Subrecipients referred to as Subgrantees. Subgrantee, Subrecipient and Applicant are often used interchangeably. FEMA and 2 CFR currently prefer the term Subrecipient.

Learn More

To learn more about GOHSEP administered grants – including who can apply, how to apply, eligible activities and grant funding cycles:

  • Visit the appropriate GRANTS INDEX of this website and click on the name of the grant in which you are interested; OR
  • Contact:

To learn more about other grants not administered by GOHSEP, visit these sites: