State Law Titles 38 + 39

Local Political Subdivisions:

The Louisiana Public Bid Law (La. R. S. 38:2211-2296) is applicable to all political subdivisions. 


The following Other Procurement Methods are also authorized for all political subdivisions: 
  • State Contracts: Purchases may be made from state procurement contracts, which may be available, without the necessity of bidding. (La. R. S. 39: 1702). Purchases cannot be made directly from federal GSA contracts. 
  • State Contracts through Local Dealer: Purchases may be made from state procurement contracts which may be available, without the necessity of bidding and may be bought through a local vendor selling the exact same product. (La. R. S. 39:1710). 
  • Piggy Back Purchases: Purchasing can be done jointly with other political subdivisions or purchase can be made under a viable contract entered by another Louisiana public entity of the vendor consents (La. R. S. 33:1321). 
  • Homeland Security: (La. R. S. 38:2212.6) authorizes purchases from GSA for Homeland Security subject to prior approval from the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, purchase from a Louisiana distributor, and use of the GSA competitive ordering procedures. 


State Agencies:
  • Procurement Codes: 39:1551-1736
  • Insurance Requirements: 39:1527-1546
  • Data Processing: 39:196-200
  • Professional Services: 39: 1481-1526
  • Lease Purchases: 39:1761
  • Late Payments: 39:1695
  • Advertisements of Bids: 43:111-211
  • Printing: 43:1-34 
The following additional Louisiana Laws are applicable to both Local Political Subdivisions and State Agencies:

  • Public Works: 38: 2211-2296
  • Public Records: 44:1-41
  • Code of Ethics: 42:1101-1170