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Information + Fact Sheet Index

After The Event

Steps To Take After The DisasterThe Disaster Assistance Process for Individuals & Households

Bioterrorism Concerns- FAQ'sWest Nile Virus Questions & Answers

Children & Anthrax: A Fact Sheet For ParentsInformation On Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Facts about AnthraxBe Mosquito Smart
Facts About BotulismProtective Actions Fact Sheet
Shelter In Place
Facts About Pneumonic PlagueResponse to the Receipt of Mail Suspected to Contain Anthrax or Other Biological Agents
Facts About Smallpox

Protective Actions Fact Sheet-Shelter In Place
Communications & Warning Systems

EAS Fact Sheet

National Warning System (NAWAS) Facts

FAQs On Dams & Dam Safety
After A Flood-Reclaiming Heirlooms & Other Items From Flood Waters

Flood Safety Tips
Avoiding Flood Damage A Checklist
179 KB
Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning Equipment
Coping With A Flood Before, During & AfterSewer Backflow Valves
Fuel TanksSalvaging Some Common Materials
Locating Safe Drinking WaterYour Evacuation Plan

Disaster Supplies Kit

How to File A Flood Insurance Claim
Food & Water In An EmergencyWhy Do I Feel Like This-From the Red Cross -for children dealing with disaster.
Helping Children Cope With Disasters-From the Red Cross & FEMAStoring Supplies-
Food Preparedness Checklist

Your Family Disaster Plan

Avoiding Wildfire Damage-A checklist
180 KB

Firewise Landscaping Checklist
56 KB
Facts on FireWinter Storms & Fire Safety
Fire-Home Escape Plan

Get Out Safely: A Fact Sheet on Fire
Escape Planning
Facts About: Extreme Heat

Tips On What To Do In Extreme Heat
Heat Wave A Major Summer Killer


Hurricanes / Tropical Events
Before & After A HurricaneRetiring Names Of The Worst Hurricanes
Definition Of A HurricaneTropical Storm Structure
Facts About The Eye Of A HurricaneStorm Surge Information Sheet
Hurricane CategoriesSalvaging Some Common Materials
Hurricane Tracking Chart-Adobe Acrobat File704 KB
Hurricane TermsYour Evacuation Plan
Locating Safe Drinking Water

Storing Supplies-


Nuclear Classification Levels


Reduce Your Risk From Natural Disasters 2.1MBPublic Assistance-Debris Removal Fact Sheet

Terrorism & Homeland Security

Helping Children Cope With Disasters-From the Red Cross & FEMATerrorism - How To Prepare
If You Receive A Suspicious Package-Terrorism Fact Sheet

Homeland Security - How To Prepare At Home

Why Do I Feel Like This-From the Red Cross -for children dealing with disaster.

Protective Actions Fact Sheet-Shelter In Place


What To Do In Case Of A Tornado

Taking Shelter From The Storm-Building A Safe Room In Your Home-Includes cost estimates & plans

Fact Sheet: Thunderstorms & Lightning

Thunderstorms & Lightning -The Underrated Killers!
Avoiding Wind Damage-A Checklist 235 KBYour Property - Trees & Airborne Debris
Brace Gable End Roof FramingShutters or Plywood Window Covers
Fact Sheet: Protecting Garage Doors
Winter Related
Winter PreparationWinter Driving Fact Sheet
Deceptive Winter StormsWinter Storms & Fire Safety
Winter Storm Fact Sheet