Reporting Suspicious Activity: 1-800-434-8007

All citizens play a critical role in protecting Louisiana and safeguarding our communities. More than 95 percent of thwarted terror attacks over the last few years are the result of someone reporting something suspicious.


Terrorists may attempt to breach secured perimeters or gain unauthorized access to facilities, sensitive locations or restricted areas for preoperational activity, or to conduct an attack. An important aspect of prevention is to involve the public in a Suspicious Activity Reporting system.


Louisiana’s suspicious activity reporting predates the Federal effort. The State’s SEE IT, SUSPECT IT, REPORT IT campaign serves as support to the national Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) – SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING effort.


Suspicious Activity Reports may be submitted by calling the 24-hour Louisiana State Police (LSP) hotline at 1-800-434-8007 or via the LSP online submission form.

The See Send app can also be used to report suspicious or criminal activity. My Mobile Witness is the provider of See Something Send Something technology. It allows information to be reported to the Fusion Center by smart phone.

This FREE app for iPhone, iPad and Android Android and iPad offers users the ability to write or take a photo of anything that is suspicious. Go to




Complaints filed via this web site are processed and may be referred to law enforcement/regulatory agencies for investigation. The confidentiality of the information you provide may be affected by differing state and federal laws. As such, we cannot guarantee that your complaint will remain confidential. Please see the Privacy Policy for further information. 


Providing false information could make you subject to fine, imprisonment, or both. (LRS 14:59 Criminal Mischief).

Three (3) ways to report suspicious activity

Informed, alert citizens have a key role in protecting their communities and keeping Louisiana safe. There are three (3) ways to report suspicious activity:
If there is an emergency, always call 911.