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Documentation Requirements Checklists (binder)
Louisiana Elected Officials Emergency Management Manual
Local/Tribal Procurement Toolbox
Cost Analysis Checklist and Template
Procurement Toolbox
Procurement Template
Procurement Checklist
Procurement + Desk Reference: DHS-OIG Audit Findings + FEMA Policy + Comments + Tips + MORE!
Procurement Guide: Getting and Keeping Your FEMA Grant Dollars!
The Legislative Auditor's Summary of the Public Bid Law + FAQ (February 2016)
Sub Recipient Monitoring Site Visit Document Checklist

13 Things to Know Now - Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Handbook
Louisiana Unified Shelter plan
From Risk To Resiliency brochure
GOHSEP Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan
LA BEOC Brochure
LA BEOC Quick Facts
      LA BEOC Assessment
Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide
Louisiana Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Management Plans (High Quality EOP Guide)
Louisiana Parish Planning Series: Basic Parish Planning Guidance Volume 1: EOP Development (August 2011)
Louisiana Toolkit for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Management Plans (High Quality EOP Toolkit)
NIMS Resource Management and Typing
Parish OHSEP Requirements - Timeline (February 2017)
Parish to Parish, Neighbor Helping Neighbor (Citizen Corps brochure)
PLANS (see GOHSEP Planning Overview)
CBRNE Fusion Handbook
Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism (fact sheet)
Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (program description)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security 6 CFR Part 27 Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards: Final Rule (April 2007)
Call-Taker (911 + others) EBOLA Screening Questions + First Responders (carry card)
Louisiana FirstNet What Can Data Do?
Virtual Louisiana Overview
406 EHP Brochure
406 Mitigation Brochure
Alternate and Improved Projects Brochure
Appeals Brochure
Appendix A - Debris Management Plan Outline
Sandy Recovery Debris Management Plan Letter (August 2013)
Sandy Recovery Legislation Debris Changes
Debris Guide - What you need to know about DEBRIS OPERATIONS. NOW! (carry card)
Director's Letter to Local Government Officials (July 2013)
FEMA Fact Sheet - Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 and FEMA's Recovery Directorate
FEMA Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Pilot Program (FAQ)
FEMA Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Pilot Program Guide for Debris Removal
Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Pilot Program Guide for Permanent Work
Application for Insurance Commissioner's Certificate (ICC)
Insurance Brochure
Insurance Commissioner's 2010 Letter to the President (July 2010)
Stafford Act Insurance Commissioner's Certification Process (Insert)
Interim Emergency Board Application
Fact Sheet: Procurement Conducted Under Exigent or Emergency Circumstances
Procurement Under Public Assistance Awards
Paradigm Shift: Prepare. Prevent. Respond. Recover. Mitigate.
Parish Economic Impact Statement Checklist Needed for Presidential Disaster Declaration
PNP Brochure
Public Assistance Brochure
Public Assistance Closeout Documentation Checklist
Public Assistance Documentation Checklist
St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana Community Recovery Strategy Plan May 2013
2014 State of Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP)
Regulation-Guidance Chart by Declaration Date 9/29/2014
10 Things To Know About Funding Hazard Mitigation (brochure) + Big 3 Eligible Activities (insert)
What You Need To Know NOW About Hazard Mitigation Grant Funding Management 2014 (binder material)