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Organizational Strategy
Registration is organized by GOHSEP's focus areas.  Click each class listed below to REGISTER or get more information:

2018 GOHSEP Annual Conference Click here to Register Related Documents
GOHSEP Cybersecurity Portal: Free Online Cybersecurity Courses CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
ICS-400 Advanced Incident Command System (November 8, 2017) (Tallulah)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  RELATED DOCUMENTS
 MGT-405 Mobilizing Faith-Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disasters (November 28, 2017) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
G-191 Incident Command System ( December 13-14, 2017) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
MGT-323 Instructor Development Workshop ( January 9-11, 2018) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
 ICS-300 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents for Operational First Responders ( January 9 and January 11, 2018) ( DeRidder) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
 ICS-400 Advanced Incident Command System ( January 16 and January 18, 2018) (DeRidder) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
 AWR-144 Port and Vessel Security for Public Safety and Maritime Personnel ( January 18, 2018)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  RELATED DOCUMENTS
 MGT-412 Sport and Special Event Evacuation Training and Exercise ( November 14-15, 2017) ( Lafayette)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  RELATED DOCUMENTS
 PER-335 Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks ( Delivery 1 December 6-7, 2017) (Delivery 2 January 4-5, 2018) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
MGT-343 Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities (February 8-9, 2018) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
 AWR-167 Sport Event Risk Management ( March 13-14, 2018) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS
AWR-232 Mass Fatalities Planning and Response for Rural Communities (May 19, 2018)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER RELATED DOCUMENTS

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What to Expect

Training courses, exercises, education and outreach, events are added often. Make sure to check our getting it right! Training + Events Calendar frequently.  
  • Once enrolled, registered attendees are required to attend all scheduled training sessions.
  • Credit for course completion may not be granted to attendees who miss course instruction. a
  • Only the instructor or the GOHSEP Training + Exercise Branch can authorize an attendee’s absence.
Class Size + Cancellation
  • Training classes are conducted with a minimum of 20 students unless otherwise announced.
  • Maximum class size may vary depending upon specific course requirements.
  • Scheduled classes may be canceled based on insufficientregistration, instructor availability, facilities and funding. When class cancellation is necessary, Registrants are notified as soon as possible and every effort is made to reschedule the course.
  • Class offerings are at NO CHARGE.
  • GOHSEP does not directly reimburse training attendees for per diem, travel or lodging costs.
  • Jurisdictions should be prepared to pay associated travel costs for first responders who attend training.
  • Louisiana first responders benefit from the experience and knowledge GOHSEP-approved State training instructors.
  • To be considered, individuals must apply for approval to teach specified training classes.
  • Instructors are volunteers and not paid or reimbursed for costs incurred to instruct.
  • GOHSEP is actively recruiting qualified instructors to teach Emergency Management classes.

If you have expertise in an area of emergency management and are interested in joining our adjunct faculty, please contact the GOHSEP Training + Exercise Branch.