How to Request Resources

“Immediate access” and “prompt and effective response” are terms frequently heard during the response to an emergency or disaster. The reality is that no community, Parish or State has all of the resources needed to meet every emergency. 

Emergency Management in Louisiana is supported by plans, procedures and partnerships. Pre-disaster logistics planning ensures appropriate systems are in place before a disaster or emergency so that needed resources (equipment, materials, supplies and manpower) are identified and available timely and efficiently to communities when impacted by an emergency or disaster event.

While the first source of resources should most logically be those closest to a disaster, there are processes in place to help when disaster-related needs exceed local capacity.

Where to Get Help

The following are important channels for providing resources to those who need them once an emergency or disaster has occurred:

  • Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC)
  • Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)
  • Volunteer and Relief Organizations
  • WebEOC



When prevention, response and recovery needs exceed a Parish’s capacity, a Parish can reach out to other Parishes for assistance through mutual aid agreements (MAAs) between emergency responders to lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries, OR through the Interstate Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC) when an MAA is not already in place.


When prevention, response and recovery needs exceed the State’s capacity, States can reach out to other States for assistance through a nationally adopted mutual aid agreement (MMA) called Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) to share resources during times of emergency or disaster. EMAC is the Nation’s most efficient, effective, and preeminent interstate mutual aid system.

Difference Between IMAC + EMAC

  • Created by an act of the State Legislature, IMAC is an intrastate agreement that enables Parish-to-Parish assistance when a mutual aid agreement (MAA) between Parishes is not already in place.
  • EMAC is an interstate mutual aid compact providing State-to-State assistance and requiring an agreement between States.

Volunteer + Relief Organizations

Resources can also come through donations and volunteer organizations. The Louisiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (LAVOAD) helps coordinate volunteer initiatives, services and communications so that volunteer resources and donations are used efficiently and effectively.


WebEOC is the State’s official emergency management software system. It is a secure internet-based emergency information management platform, providing real-time information sharing of operational details from governing authorities and public safety groups in response to an imminent threat, emergency or disaster.

WebEOC is the portal for local officials to request resources in response to an emergency or disaster.

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