Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness - State of LouisianaSince 1990, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emgergency Preparedness has coordinated several hundred State Disaster Declarations authorized under the Governor's signature. The GOHSEP staff is poised and ready to serve the people of Louisiana at a moment’s notice.

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GOHSEP Strategic plan for FY 2013- 2014 through FY 2018-2019  
Unified Shelter Plan Review
Statewide Credentialing / Access Program  
Parishes / Communities with FEMA approved FMA plans   MSWordIcon
Planning Pilot Grant Officers  
Louisiana After-Action Report & Improvement Plan For Hurricanes Gustav & Ike   
Emergency Support Functions -The Federal Response Plan 
Family Disaster Plan -   MSWordIcon
- Louisiana Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) 2014 
- EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. BJ 2014 – 9 - 2014 Emergency Operations Plan 
Louisiana Access SOP  MSWordIcon  - Statewide Credentialing/Access Program
Louisiana Model Daycare Emergency Plan
Final Louisiana Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP)   - December 3, 2007  
Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act  PDFIcon
(as of 01/11/2011) Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 29, Chapter 6
Model Plan for Home Health/Hospice Emergency Plan
Louisiana Amber Alert Plan - MSWordIcon  /  PDF Icon    
Louisiana Emergency Alert System
            MSWordIcon  /  PDF icon   - Report & Order
National Response Framework - The NRF replaces the National Response Plan as of 2007
Nursing Home Model EP Plan 2008  MSWordIcon
2009 State of Louisiana Public Assistance Administrative Plan
2014 State of Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
Sample Debris Plan

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