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GOHSEP Contacts

Contact our office:
Main Phone:  (225) 925-7500
Fax:  (225) 925-7501
7667 Independence Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70806


Normal office hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm weekdays.


Many inquiries may be better served by first contacting your Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness DirectorParish OHSEP contact numbers are available on our website just click here.


For inquiries on public records in compliance with Louisiana Public Records Request law just click here.


For specific questions related to GOHSEP, please contact one of the individuals listed below:


Executive Staff

Jacques Thibodeaux


Neal Fudge

Deputy Director

(225) 925-4114

  Asst. Director,  Administration  


Asst. Director, Emergency Management


Euclid Talley Asst. Director, Homeland Security and Interoperability 
Lynne Browning Asst. Director, Public Assistance (225) 932-6349
Sandra Dugas Asst. Director, Hazard Mitigation Assistance

Mike Steele

Communications Director

(225) 925-3966

Veronica Sizer Executive Counsel (225)  925-7541
Cheri Scott Executive Assistant 
Regional Support   Regional Support/Coordination   (225) 925-7345  
Administration Division
Angella Sanders Executive Officer, Grants, and Administration (225) 358-5484

Brittany Calahan

Section Chief, Financial Services-Payables

(225) 932-6251

Lisa Tucker

Section Chief, Sub Recipient Monitoring

(225) 358-5704

Blake Lockwood Section Chief, Facility+Safety+Security
Jane Ingram Section Chief, Financial Services-Receivables (225) 358-5667


DPS Budget

(225) 925-1873


DPS Finance

(225) 925-6039

Human Resources

Employee Relations-GOHSEP
Human Resources Office-DPS

(225) 358-5288
(225) 925-6067

Information Technology

DOA/Office of Technology Services Help Desk

(225) 219-6900

Web Services

Web Master

(225) 358-5202

Emergency Management Division

Melton Gaspard

Section Chief, Operations

(225) 925-7520

Business Emergency Operation Center (Louisiana BEOC)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, NIMSAT
GOHSEP Planning 

(337) 482-0600

Catesha Williams-Smith Section Chief, Non-Disaster Grants Administration (225) 922-2450

Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

Operations Section

(225) 925-7520


Training/Exercise Branch

(225) 358-5236


Operations Section

(225) 925-7556


Operations Section

(225) 925-7520

Rubby Douglas Section Chief, Preparedness Section  (225) 358-5656   


Planning Branch

(225) 925-3633

Radiological Program Radiological/WIPP Programs (225) 922-2449


Training Branch

(225) 358-5337

Virtual Louisiana

Operations Section

(225) 922-2190

WebEOC Administrator

Operations Section

(225) 922-2190

Homeland Security and Interoperability Division
Fusion Center LA-SAFE (Intelligence Unit)   (225)-925-4192  
Interoperability Interoperability Section (225) 358-5521 
Critical Infrastructure   Critical Infrastructure Protection   (225) 922-2448
Cyber Security   LA-SAFE (State Fusion Center, Cyber Unit)   (225) 925-4192
School Safety Louisiana Center for Safe Schools (225) 358-5533
LAPA / LAHM Services

Tameika Ned

DOA/OTS, Project Lead Recovery (LAPA, LAHM)

(225) 932-6203

Public Assistance Division


Executive Officer

(225) 338-3226

Daniel Crothers

Section Chief, Public Assistance Technical Services

(225) 932-6371

Jill Grace

Section Chief, Public Assistance Grants Management

(225) 932-6320

Nathan Gary

Section Chief, Pubic Assistance State Applicant Liaisons

(225) 932-6356

Tina Emerson   Section Chief, Public Assistance Closeout (225) 932-6312

Allison Hadley

Section Chief, Public Assistance Program Oversight

(225) 932-6369

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Division

Sandra Dugas

Executive Officer, Hazard Mitigation Assistance

(225) 932-6289

Jeffrey Giering

Section Chief, SHMO, Hazard Mitigation Technical Services

(225) 932-6300

Byron Brooks

Section Chief, Hazard Mitigation Grants Management

(225) 932-6285

Lakeivea Warren

Section Chief, Hazard Mitigation State Applicant Liaisons

(225) 932-6292

Anne Day Section Chief, Hazard Mitigation Closeout    (225) 267-2737

Mitigation (homeowner inquiries, contact the Parish OHSEP)

Hazard Mitigation Section

(225) 267-2644