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GOHSEP Annual Awards

2015 Awards

Director’s Award

Beverly Jolivet-Joseph, Recovery Grants Administration


Professional Excellence Award
Victoria Carpenter, EMAC Operations
Christina Knighten, Public Assistance Closeout
Daniel Marshall, Document Services
Dana Michelli, Homeland Security Grants Administration
Shantella Williams, Hazard Mitigation Closeout


Emergency Service Award
Jay Grimes, WAFB Channel 9


Outstanding Performance Recognition Award
Anitra Adams- Public Assistance State Applicant Liaison
Stanley Aaron- Hazard Mitigation Grants State Applicant Liaison
Kimberly Barnett – Hazard Mitigation Grants Management
Byron Brooks- Hazard Mitigation Grants State Applicant Liaison
Brenda Cooper- Hazard Mitigation Technical Services
Reginald Dardar- Hazard Mitigation Grants State Applicant Liaison
Tiffany Doucet -Hazard Mitigation Grants State Applicant Liaison
Nathan Dronette- Disaster Recovery Public Assistance PART
Nicolette English- Hazard Mitigation Technical Services
Alisha Gales- Public Assistance Grants Management
John Gonzales- Disaster Recovery Technical Services
Erin Gravois- Public Assistance Grants Management
Leanne Guidry- Hazard Mitigation State Applicant Liaison
Tameka Hardy- Public Assistance Closeout
Jess Hebert- Recovery Grants Administration
Derrick James- Public Assistance Closeout dmichelli
George “Stewart” Jones- Disaster Recovery Technical Services
Mildred Leopold- Recovery Grants Administration
Jenny Malvoisin- Public Assistance Grants Management
Phyllis Potlongo- Public Assistance Closeout
Kim Ryals- Hazard Mitigation State Applicant Liaison
Harry St. Pierre- Hazard Mitigation State Applicant Liaison
Ashley Shuffield- Hazard Mitigation Grants Management
Jamie Welsh- Public Assistance Grants Management
Charlotte Wilson- Public Assistance Closeout
Scott Van Keuren- Preparedness
Cherie Walber- Hazard Mitigation Grants Management


Years of Service (as of 4/1/2015)

20 Yearssals
Steve Burr, Operations
15 Years
Melvin Smith, Public Assistance Technical Services
10 Years
Amber Calvert, Public Assistance Technical Services
Connie Mincey, Public Assistance PART
Kelton Noce, Preparedness