2017 Annual GOHSEP Conference: OHSEP Directors + OHSEP Staff

January 31 - February 02, 2017
Radisson Hotel | 2445 South Acadian Thruway.| Baton Rouge, LA

2017 GOHSEP Conference Flyer
January 31, 2017
Jim Waskom, Director, GOHSEP
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Update:
Casey Tingle, GOHSEP
WebEOC Updates:
WebEOC Sit Rep

Technology Updates (LWIN \ FirstNet):
LWIN, Travis Johnson, GOHSEP

LA FirstNet, Christina Dayries, GOHSEP
February 1, 2017
Mass Care Seminar
Working Lunch: Speaker- Cameron Parish Administrator
February 2, 2017
National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF):
Troy Barnes, Wayne Rickard, FEMA 
Reinterment Panel Discussion

Cemetery Disruption Response Suggestions for Parishes

Parish – Cemetery Disruption Checklist

Outline of IA Process for Cemetery Re-Interment Costs
Donation and Volunteer Resources
Disaster Assistance Policy DAP9525.9 Sec 324 Management Costs and DAC
Donated Equipment Record
Donated Resources Criteria
Donated Resources FAQ
Donated Resources Volunteer Hours
Donated Material Record
Fema Cost Codes rates