GOHSEP Vision, Mission, and Goals

New Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision: To serve as an extension of the Office of the Governor and provide sound leadership during crisis events while also enhancing the day-to-day state agency programs servicing Louisiana residents, businesses, and organizations.

Mission: The mission of GOSHEP is to utilize three priorities to save lives, protect property, and maintain infrastructure:

  • Priority Number One: Ensure that GOHSEP serves as the emergency arm of the Governor and works hand in hand with all emergency support/recovery function agencies as part of the U.S. National Response Framework and the Louisiana Homeland Security, Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act in preparation, response, recovery, mitigation, and prevention of crisis events.
  • Priority Number Two: Ensure that all Municipalities, Parishes/Parish Organizations, Sub-Recipients, and State Agencies have a voice and an agency to champion them in obtaining maximum funds in all applicable federal and state programs in an expeditious manner.
  • Priority Number Three: Consistently review internal best business practices and potential for Improvements. It is essential to review the actual mission and output of internal departments to ensure elite levels of support to all stakeholders in Louisiana.


  • GOHSEP will apply leadership directly towards lifesaving measures and mitigation efforts to protect public/private property and establish/maintain a safety net to protect, operate, and improve our infrastructure.  
  • GOHSEP will quickly and efficiently move resources through the emergency management cycle: preparation, response, recovery, mitigation, and prevention.  The definition of resources at each stage involves all five divisions and changes depending upon the stage.  The five divisions will all operate in support of each other in a deliberate, synchronized fashion.
  • GOHSEP will internally hold itself accountable as an operational arm of government with a strategic directive: GOHSEP will be unwavering in our efforts to save lives, protect property, and maintain infrastructure.
  • GOHSEP will standardize internal strategic concepts in a specific format to streamline communication into clear concise products.  The format is task, purpose, issue, discussion, and recommendation:
    • Task- What is this situation?
    • Purpose- What is the real problem? What is likely to happen? What is the center of gravity of the issue?
    • Issue- How should I think about this situation to define the problem or opportunity? How could this situation happen?  What do I know about situations like this?  What do I not know that I should?
    • Discussion- What other situation is like this one?  What is this situation not like?  What else could this situation or solution be?  How should I prepare for future situations?
    • Recommendation- What needs to be accomplished?  What is the solution or plan?  Is there a specific path to decide the solution?  Does the solution support the purpose (center of gravity)?


UPDATE: Director Jacques Thibodeaux GOHSEP Strategic 180 Day Summary

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Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
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