Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)


Local communities, the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government have a vested interest in the protection of life and property from threats and hazards. The goal is to reduce and/or avoid damages should a man-made or natural emergency or disaster occur, through pre-event protection measures and preparedness initiatives.

The Federal Government – through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – provides funding to States through the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) to assist in efforts that enhance our ability to prepare for, prevent where possible, respond to, recover from and mitigate against emergency and disaster events. Preparing includes an all-hazards approach, which addresses natural, accidental or man-made events.

Who can Participate in the EMPG Program?

EMPG grants are made to States to assist local, Tribal, Territorial and State governments in preparedness efforts. While grants are granted to the State, funds are allocated to local authorities and emergency management agencies. Allocations are determined by the State’s Grants Subcommittee. Emergency management professionals also participate in planning, training, exercise and other initiatives funded through EMPG.

What Activities are Funded Through EMPG?

The EMPG program provides funding for activities that support the building, sustainment and delivery of core capabilities that are necessary for the accomplishment of the National Preparedness System (NPS) goals and that help ensure the safety and resiliency of our communities, State and Nation. The EMPG Program allows the State to allocate funding based on risk and urgency. Funds address the most urgent local and State needs in disaster preparedness, prevention, response, recovery and mitigation. Funds assist local communities and other State partners in the development, maintenance and improvement of local and State emergency management capabilities, which are key components of a comprehensive emergency management system.

EMPG investments provide the support that State and local governments need to achieve measurable results in key functional areas of emergency management that allow us too successfully:

  • Prevent a threatened or an actual act of terrorism.
  • Protect citizens, residents, visitors and assets against the greatest threats and hazards confronting us – as defined by a threats and hazards assessment.
  • Respond quickly to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs in the aftermath of a catastrophic incident.
  • Recover through a focus on timely restoration, strengthening and revitalization of infrastructure, housing and a sustainable economy, as well as the health, social, cultural, historic and environmental fabric of communities affected by a catastrophic incident.
  • Mitigate loss of life and property by lessening the impact of future disasters.

Application Process

For GOHSEP administered grants, either the State Administrative Agent (SAA) or the State’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) can apply for EMPG program funds on behalf of the State and local emergency management agencies. Only one (1) application is accepted from each State or Territory. GOHSEP is the SAA.

When is the Application Period?

FEMA issues a Notice of Funding Opportunity Announcement (NFOA) when applications periods open.

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