GOHSEP Policies

Executive Order JBE 2016-48

Rules and Policies on Leave for Unclassified Service

General Policies

GEN-0001 Public Request Policy
GEN-0002 EOP Familiarization Policy
GEN-0003 Cellular Phone & Mobile Data Device Policy
GEN-0004 Firearms Policy
GEN-0005 Media Policy
GEN-0006 Travel Policy
GEN-0007 Security & Access Policy
GEN-0009 Violence in the Workplace
GEN-0010 System Access Policy
GEN-0011 Smoking Policy
GEN-0012 Telecommuting Teleworking Policy
GEN-0013 Personally Identifiable Information Policy
GEN-0014 Nepotism Policy
GEN-0015 Information Technology Change Management Policy
GEN-0016 Employee Interaction with Prison Inmates
GEN-0017 Supplemental Benefits Solicitation Policy
GEN-0018 DHS-OIG SOP January 9 2017
GEN-0019 Unit Manning Roster April 18 2022
GEN-0020 Driver Safety & Fleet Management Program Policy

Personnel Policies

HR-0001 Process for Filling Vacancies Appointments & Promotional Oppurtunities
HR-0002 Overtime Compensation for Overtime & FLSA Status
HR-0003 Time Attendance- Work Hours
HR-0004 Mandatory Training
HR-0005 Dress Code Policy
HR-0006 Standards of Behavior
HR-0007 FMLA Policy
HR-0008 Sexual Harassment Policy
HR-0009 Hiring Policy
HR-0010 Americans with Disabilities
HR-0011 EEO AA
HR-0012 Grievance Procedure
HR-0013 Performance Evaluation System Policy
HR-0014 Safety Policy
HR-0015 Fringe Benefits
HR-0016 Substance Abuse and Drug Free Workplace
HR-0017 Crisis Leave
HR-0018 Criminal History Checks Policy
HR-0020 Pay Upon Promotion or Reallocation
HR-0022 Optional Pay Policy
HR-0023 Limit on Use of Annual Leave Immediately Prior to Retirement
HR-0024 Appointment and Pay of Student Employees
HR-0025 Discrimination and Harassment Complaints
HR-0026 Recoupment of Employee Overpayments
HR-0027 Political Activity
HR-0028 Awards & Recognition Policy
HR-0029 Ebola Virus Disease Policy
HR-0030 Workers Comp Post Accident Drug Testing Policy
HR-0031 Transitional Return to Work Policy
HR-0032 Limited English Proficiency October 1, 2019

Other Acknowledgements / Forms

Separation Agreement Form
Probationary Period Form
Unclassified Appointment
IT User Agreement
Code of Ethics Acknowledgement Form
Audit Inquiry Acknowledgement Form

New Employees


Please acknowledge on the LEO site that you have reviewed, accepted, and will comply with the above policies pertaining to GOHSEP.

Complete the following forms and bring them to Orientation

LASERS Membership Registration Form
LASERS Designation of Beneficiary Form
Authorization and Driving History Form (DA-2054) * for Fleet Manager
Appointment Affidavit (SF-13)
Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
Pre-Existing Condition Form (Form E-2)
Prior Service Questionnaire

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